Who We Are

To say that our team is passionate about travel is an understatement.
We are obsessed!

Our love of travel is surpassed only by our desire to make sure that your trip is everything that you want it to be. The reason that we started this company is because we want everyone to be able to experience the love excitement and the joy that we get from travelling the world. We feel an incredible sense of responsibility when it comes to ensuring that each and every tour is a memorable experience. Every tour is  designed by a member of our team with great attention to detail. You will not find these tours duplicated anywhere else in the world!

Why We Do What We Do

“I’ve been told I have wonder lust- I’m always wondering what’s out there.” Being raised in Utah, she has been to the most beautiful mountains, hiked to amazing rock formations, and kayaked lakes that appear to be made of glass. Although Utah is a beautiful state for adventure, she’s always looking to go somewhere else. She has a passion for traveling, the ocean, wildlife and conservation. “I just don’t want to miss anything!”


“Oh the Places You Will Go!!!” I often hear “can’t believe you are in town” from my family and friends. I love my home town of Kansas City but I do get away as often as I can. My dad always told me to see the world and I am doing just that. From dancing in a cave in the Dominican Republic, to experiencing a Safari in the South African jungle….I LOVE IT ALL!! I’m not going to Wonder what’s out there….I’m going to go and find out!


“If I’m at home I’m doing something wrong. Travel is my passion. Some part of every day is spent planning my next trip. Whether I’m watching the sun rise in Guanacaste, Costa Rica or set in Cape Town, South Africa I enjoy the wonder and excitement of each and every trip. I’m just as happy on an 18-hour road trip as I am on a 10-hour flight to London. I love going. I love seeing. I love learning. I love meeting new people.”