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We design all of our trips around one factor – YOU!  Our trips are a mixture of group sightseeing activities and free time. We want to make sure you see all the highlights in any given city while having the time to explore and see things that are important and of interest to you. Norma loves the outdoors. Melina loves adventure. Nicole loves museums. But we all love to explore, to see and to go! Being on a group trip doesn’t mean the group is together 24/7. However, if you are a solo traveler this is an excellent opportunity to meet new people with like-minded interests.

South Africa

November 2024
We are headed back to South Africa! Nothing more to say!

Soul Train Cruise

January 2026
Enjoy a star-studded vacation with unparalleled access to legendary stars from the classic R&B era.

London and Paris

June 15 - 21, 2024
Our Europe adventure will take us to see the sites in London and Paris.


Coming Soon
Our tour will start in the capital city of Bangkok. From there we will travel to the magnificent island of Koh Samui!


Indonesia is one of the most picturesque countries in the world. The crown jewel of this 17,000 island archipelago, the island of Bali, is like a fairy tale come true.